hanni lazy bodycare for real people @hannismooth is a body skincare brand built around the philosophy of ‘get lazy,’ emphasizing the importance of prioritizing time and simplifying life to focus on what brings us joy and fulfillment. Adhering to our motto, “a good branding strategy begins with a good logo,” we initiated the project by […]

Happy together

happy together more than an agency​ Happy together is a content marketing agency with over ten years of experience. Their mantra is: “We will never be an average place”. This client’s diversity called for a logo that would adapt to all of their languages, therefore we helped give birth to a flexible brand with multiple […]

Josefina Lier

josefina lier @josefina_lier es una health coach en nutrición y bienestar, con un enfoque holístico de salud.  Working on personal brands is not easy, but at CHICHA, we love challenges When thinking about the branding development, we took into account Josefina’s signature and identity. That’s why we chose her own handwriting for the logo. This […]


minigurú we create furniture for children @mini_guru is a children’s furniture venture based on the Montessori method, with the goal of providing an environment with tools that help children foster their autonomy and growth. Childhood is simple and not overly involved in adult matters. That’s why we decided to work on this project: designing a simple […]

Eduardo Sousa

Eduardo Sousaspanish organic farm Eduardo Sousa is a spanish/ french foie gras brand. We developed their entire visual identity, designing a logo, stationary, digital brochure, website and providing art direction for their illustrations. Throughout the process, our goal was simple: to conceive a visual identity linked to the world of dining. visual identity stationery and […]

Casas Sanfiz

casa sanfiz homes we would like to live in Casas Sanfiz is a real estate company located in Madrid, with extensive experience in the development of homes, property sales, and management. The added value of this real estate agency is property management and maintenance. In other words, it’s much more than a traditional real estate […]

Mila kartei

mila kartei @milakartei is a clothing brand with very well defined visual concepts season after season, which is why they needed a clean, simple logo that didn’t take away from the designs. To achieve this, we developed a minimalist branding that accompanies each season harmoniously, without interfering. Sometimes less is more. visual identity digital design […]

Glöw Libros

glow libros @glowlibros is a small business that guides parents in actively accompanying their children down the path of literature. To develop this branding, we teamed up with illustrator Ana Sanfelippo. Working together with professionals from different disciplines helps us achieve things that would be impossible on our own: here lies the beauty of teamwork, which […]


minicarbono content creator @minicarbono creates social media content for brands and companies. The way they presented their work to the world had evolved and matured. We took on the responsibility of rebranding this personal brand. It was a reinvention that did not leave the past behind, it reaffirmed and empowered who the brand is today. […]


disney We had the honor of being summoned by none other than Disney to work together with their Human Resources team on the development of “Go Green!”, an eco-friendly campaign for their Latinamerican offices which encourages employees to live a sustainable lifestyle. For this project, we assembled and led a group of designers and illustrators […]