Locos x el Asado

Locos x el Asado is a YouTube channel hosted by Luciano Luchetti. Penguin Random House summoned us to develop the visuals and designs for their books on two different occasions: for Locos x el Asado Vol 1 and Vol 2.

visual identity
editorial design

For the first book, “Un Aplauso para el asador”, we met the team, understood their proposal and became familiar with the colors, textures and smells that made up their identity. We crafted a branding strategy which we then applied to the book, and which Locos x el Asado later applied to their other channels of communication. With “Toda la carne al asador”, the second volume, just by looking at the design you can tell the project has evolved and matured throughout the years, alongside its creators. For both volumes we worked with editors, photographers (Virginia Sar on Volume 1 and Eugenio Mazzinghi on Volume 2), the Penguin Random House team and the boys from Locos x el Asado. Creating a book is a group challenge…and once it’s finally published, it’s a group achievement!