The main concept behind @hannismooth  is “no pressure”. Not only does it refer to the fact that you don’t need to apply pressure to shave with a Hanni blade, but it encourages us to help each other ease the pressure that we feel. 

visual identity
stationery & collateral
digital design
web design
art direction

We developed this project true to our motto “a good branding strategy begins with a good logo”, the logo was our starting point. We conceived a super minimal one, simple but intense and full of personality: this is Hanni’s essence. The next step was to apply that same essence to a visual universe that appeared free and easy, subtly playful and colorful.

To achieve this, we joined forces with industrial designers, photographers, illustrators, programmers & writers from different parts of the world. This group effort took the project to the next level. To us, teamwork is the best kind of work. 

We crafted a wide variety of pieces. We designed an email signature, we applied the logo to packaging, products, social media and webpages. 
All this was documented in a brand guideline focused on social networks. This is crucial so that the client can independently continue to apply their identity

diseño industrial @primestudio_nyc / fotografía producto @katelin_kinney / ilustración @pepitasandwich / fotografía campaña @natashawilson.co